When we feel seen and heard, spoken to and listened to, it does something to us. It enables us to step into  a space where we can thrive, bloom, and SHINE.
When we feel Seen and Heard we are Inspired and our Natures are Enlivened… I am here to enable and activate that SHINE!

Wake Up To Inspiration

[A Gift For YOU]

Get audio of ME wishing you good morning every day for a week! Carrying you into your days with more passion, joy and power.

Empowerment Coaching

I hold a safe intuitive space for direct empowerment. I am an external accountability partner and offer optimism/inspiration injections.

Lets build your self-confidence, self-image,
self-love and  self-reliance.

Free Consultation Call

I offer free consultation calls to give you a sense of my coaching style and to determine if we are a good fit.

Lets connect and start addressing some of your most pressing concerns.

Theory of Monkeys Communication Workshop

In relationships of all kinds, Monkeys are unresolved issues that haven’t been dealt with because neither person [could be a partner, could be a friend] has acknowledged it.

This workshop aids you in eliminating Tit for Tat from your relationship.

My work comes down to facilitating safe spaces by offering deep, intuitive, judgement-free listening where people can feel safe to look at and explore all aspects of themselves. Radical honesty and powerful choosing into new versions of themselves then becomes possible.

Micah Lael • Leadership/Empowerment Coach •
Motivational Speaker