I was having a conversation with a friend the other night and I realized I hadn’t yet shared this with my peoples:
ARTISTS.. there are sooo many times, too many to count, when I have heard from the lips of my people [artists in particular] that they have temporarily run out of inspiration… that they are searching for it again, but finding it elusive. Let us not forget, that if we have EVER done ANY work, any painting, film, song, dance, sculpture, WHATEVER, that we actually enjoyed the end result of; that moved us in the making; that forced us to pour our souls into, then we have created something which many of us as artists overlook- something that could be a permanent source of Inspiration.

so many of us look outside ourselves for that next spark, that next THING that’ll jumpstart us out of whatever funk we’ve shoveled ourselves into in the moment. what we forget is that WE can look to OURSELVES for at least a measure of that inspiration! I mean YO! if you put time, and effort, and soul and spirit and fuggn angst into that piece you finished no matter how long ago- that piece lives. even if you work in the ephemeral and/or transient art. the ACT of it’s creation; the visceral experiential that went along with it’s making; the music you listened to during that time; the relationships you were in; the places you visited; the piece itself.. within these things are keys to future inspirations.

Never forget that just as you are inspired by other artists and other art, you are inspiring others.. and you do NOT have to be the only one bereft of the gift you are giving. step back and experience what it’s like to be inspired by your damn self. you manage that, and you’ll have constructed an incredible creative cycle that can NEVER go stale; it can never run out. just a thought.

..The Oval Mind..