Twelve years ago today several thousand people dropped their bodies and left this plane [joyful journey I wish to those spirits] .. we [meaning this country] proceeded to go overseas and bomb the HELL outtuv an entire country in retaliation, then went on to wage war in several more, taking WAAAY more than a couple thousand lives in the process, and making the rest of the world hate us even more than a lot of it already does;

Two years ago today a BEEAUTIFUL beloved/sister/friend of mine gave birth to a gorgeous, old soul baby girl, who has already spread more joy, and more love and more smiles than any missile or weapon ever did EVER in the history of the world;
a week or two from now our country very well may decide in all their wisdom to fire missiles at a country not their own, against a people they dont fuggn know, for reasons that make no gottdamned sense [to me];

EVERY day, each and every person reading this has an opportunity to spread love, create joy, make somebody smile, appreciate the HELL outta their lives AND/OR do EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER or a buncha stuff in their power, to bring awareness, raise awareness, learn some shit, DO some shit, about things that make a difference to us.
Every second, another opportunity presents itself to be love, be kindness, be what justice looks like to you, be compassionate, be fuckin AWESOME.. take em, love em, hold em, cherish em, write them, hug them, sing them, dance them, draw paint spray splash fight stand up for them.
be dope
be badass
be YOU
be somebody who likes who they see in the mirror..