Thought begging for articulation at the moment: YOOOOO!!

MY Peoples my PEOPLE!! AAAAAGGGHHH!!! sorry.. havin moment..

okay-I invite ALLLLLL uh ya’ll, EVERY LAST WUNNA YA, to STOP disregarding all the fuhkn AMAZING accomplishments you achieved thus far in your experience. SERIOUSLY! I know folk who’ve raised children on their own, gotten fired and found another job hella fast, gotten fired and started their own businesses, gotten out of FUHKD up neighborhoods to create beautiful lives elsewhere and they’ve learned to let folk in even after seemingly being given many many reasons not to ever do that again.
What I’m saying is, don’t discount these things, or any of the smaller things you’ve done man.. you do all this and then you trip because you still haven’t reached some all-encompassing point you envisioned you’d be at when you got to a certain age, or have a certain kind of lifestyle or a certain relationship, WHATEVER. You’ve done SO MUCH already, and you’re not dead yet so fuggn LLIIIVE and stand on what you HAVE done like the solid foundation it is!

This is inspired by some real beautiful sheeot goin down with my novel right now, I promise to keep ya’ll posted but I just wanned to hit cuz I see it so many times wit folk around me and even me sometimes. [not often but it happens]
acknowledge your flyness
acknowledge the places where you’d still like to improve and fuggn GIT IT!!
love love LOOOVE