I just wanna [ so I am ] give thanks to the architects.. the criticals ones, the ones who at one time or another have been counted as a part of my personal pantheon; in particular the ones who spurred, catalyzed, inspired radical shifts and transformations in an ENJOYABLE way.. so many of our biggest learning experiences come through painful situations and circumstances. Although they are often times AMAZING gifts in strange or even fucked up feelin packages, right now I’m giving thanks to those in my life who’ve catalyzed shifts in me where I enjoyed the heaven outta the experience. I’m sending a special shout out to a brother, sometime mentor, sometime mentee, fuggn pahtnah fo LIFE mister Haji.. havin flashbacks of a night’s middle in a chunk of Brooklyn at the base of a building called Grand Space, dancing on a concrete curbed corner at what-the-fug-o-clock in the morning watchin the door; music washing out of the upper story windows, ” I’ve got peace deep in my soul/I’ve got Love makin me whole/since you opened up your heart and SHINED on me” the music and me this lone dread on a lonely corner, cold battlin but spinnin and spinnin to this INCREDIBLE tune thunderin outta them windows..

thinkin about how many times I’ve gotten to live dreams and fantasies and more; lived situations that sound more like movie moments; desert moments, love moments, sex moments, performance of a lifetime moments, fuggn deep soul filled, rhythm wrenched, giGANTIC face splittin smiles for days and days and days..

giving thanks for all my architects and architect aides.. all my angels.. all my goddesses and gods and creatures and dancefloor kindred.. all my magik folk who taught me to recognize the magik in ME- who inspire me without knowing it just by loving it when I bug the fuck out or do a handstand on a parking meter or leap over sumthin in mid-rhythm cuz a trak hit me so hard I almost threw my soul up outta my mouth. Thanks to all the nameless and faceless ones in a crowd who FELT my shit when I was spittin it.. to all the ones who took time out to come up when they saw me months or years later and let me know they were STRUCK by whatever the fug I was channelin that time…

I’m giving thanks for the music and the dances of deep friendships and lasting admiration; for the fact that I’m a grown black male identified as straight who can fuckin cry and not feel like anything less than the mufuckin man I am. For ALL of those whose contact made that mentality possible in me. I give thanks for the growth and the surges of energy so intense I’ve sometimes been in the middle of a dancefloor unable to move.. screaming my song at the sky a thousand times a thousand.
I give thanks for this fookin Facebook that lets me send and leave thoughts like this at fuggn four’0’clock in the morning from anywhere I happen to be. I give thanks for the ability to give thanks.. and for the urge to go out into the Ashland street and dance in the middle of a streetlamp for a second just because.

I love this shit.
I love my life.
and I love so many of you.
I give thanks for all of it.
and all of you.

Blessed Be
and Blessed Remain