Another thought begging for articulation at the moment: I gotta give props, thanks, MASSIVE gratitude to ALLLLL of ya’ll who’ve witnessed, and SPOKEN up about what you’ve witnessed [me] at some point in my life/experience. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, I may have said a version of it before but I’m sayin it again cuz it’s SERIOUSLY on my mind right now. I invite aaaaaaany of ya’ll, particularly the ones who don’t yet do this [just a reminder for those who do] to actually take that extra step and SAY SOMETHING when somebody does some shit that seriously impacts you in a positive/beautiful/profound way..
It’s a simple message, but the impetus can be sortof difficult for me to articulate.
I am an artist. I am also a sensitive [mostly]human being. Unlike some, I have forged myself such that it would take A LOT to knock me off my perpetually inspired engine realm-BUT that is not to say I’m invulnerable to BEING knocked off, feel me?
And there are PLENTY of people who haven’t gotten to the point where they’re even close to rooted in themselves yet. Some of the fuel I have turned into this BLAAAAZING fuggn hellishly powerful whateverness is directly related to how many times SOMEbody has taken the step of giving me a reflection: how my words/actions/energy/performance SoMEthing, affected them in such a way that they HAD to say something.

WE as artists, human beings, people, energetic beings, spiritual beings, SOCIAL beings, NEEEEEEED that kind of reaffirmation every now and again. Seriously. This is NOT a call for a bunch of compliments, I’m good. [I appreciate the HELL outtuv them but this isn’t what this is about.]

What I am inviting you to do is to recognize that YOUR opinion, your feedback, your single word or head nod or brief shake of a hand, can mean more to some fledgling light than you can POSSIBLY know. Please Don’t wait til a mufucka is dead to let everybody know you admired the hell out of them. And I invite you not to disregard your input just because you see them get input from others either.
I won’t give a compliment if I don’t mean it. I think it undermines the whole flippin point. BUT, I will make it a fuggn MISSION, to let you know if you’ve moved my planet, or rocked my world, or touched my heart chambers.. and NO, you don’t HAVE to do anything, and NO it doesn’t HAVE to be every single time BUT, recognize who YOU’d be, and who you might not have become, if that crucial person hadn’t said that one thing that ONE moment when you were perfectly poised to hear it. it can mean a lot ya’ll.
It DOES mean a lot.
simultaneously, it can feel like it meant nothing, and you walk away thinking I’ll never do that again cuz they didn’t even care that I blah blah blaaahd.. yes, that sometimes happens to but you know what? so what. If every time you did ANYthing it ALWAYS turned out exactly how you wanted, this world wouldn’t be this world.. it would be..something else
another somethin to ponder for a sec
enjoy the heaven/hell outta your day/evening/night..thingee