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NOT AN AVERAGE APPROACH… Feeling stuck? At an impasse or crossroads in your life? Need a fire lit under you? Set up a consult call now to find out if we’d make a good fit!

Walk With Me

What beautifully unique magic are you depriving the world of…

because you don’t believe you’re capable of achieving it?

Inspiration Is Why I am Here..

The brighter you shine, the more shining people you’ll attract to yourself. Never settle for “friends” that step all over your dreams just because you think you can’t do better. There are billions of people on this planet, and a chunk of them are your tribe, whether you’ve met them or not. Believe this. Know this. Then go LIVE.

Do Come In..

I have created this place as a kind of reservoir; a series of rooms providing rejuvenation, reflection and inspiration. I offer Empowerment Coaching and aside from that, I’m a writer and I have a lot to say.


As a bit of a note just in case you choose
to go no further: We often wait on others
to hold the space we feel most empowered
by, the most safe within. I encourage YOU
to BECOME that space yourself.. embody
the spaces you would most like to experience
in the world, and witness what happens to
your perception of your life.. [smiling]