Hello ya’ll, Micah BlackLight of I-Am-Catalyst here and I do A LOT of different things, across a lot of platforms. I figured it would be beneficial for me [and for any of you coming to me for specific things] to have at least one page where all of the major things are listed and immediately accessible. To that end, I present to thee:


**A few clarifying notes on the above: My patreon is definitely of the spicy variety: LOTS of erotic content. So be warned [or encouraged], whichever applies to your particular tastes. And the LER is a link to an ongoing gofundme for my first erotic graphic novel {I am INCREDIBLY excited about it} and my other erotic works in general. I am of the mind that non-cringe-inducing erotica is one of the most powerful, yet underrated artforms we have access to.**

Additionally, if at some point you HAPPEN to find yourself wanting to contribute something to my art or my works on any given day, without necessarily becoming a patron or purchasing a product, I would be inordinately honored, ridiculously pleased, and utterly grateful to receive ANY amount you would like to contribute, no matter the amount. Know that your funds will ultimately go toward the enabling of more thought-provoking, inspiring, life-enriching content across all kinds of media, [and the very real possibility of a full-fledged Happy Dance to boot]