Every person, every single being no matter how jaded or cynical, has been moved. Most every human being has experienced at least ONE moment where they were genuinely struck by sentiment, feeling elicited through a specific series of events occurring just so, and rendering them speechless in the process. It may have been a speech, hearing an incredible orator; it may have been something as simple as the sight of a single sunbeam hitting a particular surface just right, creating something of exquisite beauty out of the what would ordinarily be considered, the mundane.

I write this because so many people are content to forget that they have ever been moved, that there was ever a moment when their emotions conspired with a moment to bring them to the brink of beatific revelation. They forget or are content to believe that it is not in their power to move someone else, to be the cause of just such a moment of genuine evocation. Hear me.

We are blessed with a thousand tools, a multitude of ways to reach people, to touch people, to speak to people and experience with people, to witness them in their finest and most despairing hour.. tools like the blog I currently type upon, like the book of faces and a myriad others beginning with the simple expedient of email and picking up things like youtube along the way.  and yet.  and yet a great many of us choose to use these tools only for the denigration of others, or to heap scorn up0n things or systems or people we are ourselves too afraid or apathetic or impotent-feeling to DO something about. I have been moved to the point of what feels like revelation, full on apotheosis at the witnessing of another’s art.. be it video set to haunting music or simply powerful words typed across a screen or photographed upon a sign somewhere, held by a forever silent someone shouting within the stillness of a photograph through the words of their sign.

Sometimes these moments have the counter-intuitive affect of reaffirming my faith in humanity.. even if only because if something that beautiful can come out of another human being, than surely there is hope for our race upon this planet. I write this simply because at the moment, I am moved, and I find myself vehemently wishing, that as many others as possible, will find themselves similarly transported, and from the experience derive the desire to affect others in like manner, thereby spreading the act of intentionally sharing beauty like a global plague. Words can be weapons, can be pain makers, can be tools…. can be weavers of the most profound beauty, the most moving of storms, thunderous calls to love and hope and cherish and to LIVE.

I wish this for thee

I wish this for you

I am this .. for as many as I can possibly reach..

amen, a woman, a prayer..