So.. I’m having- correction, WE are having a baby together.. My unmarried wife of six years and I have chosen to call in a single spirit to come through our portal, and inhabit the body growing in her womb as I type this.. I am learning a great many things as I travel on this journey, some of them amazing, some of them I’m not feelin so much. One of the first things I’m learning is that generally speaking, pregnancy and having a baby is one of those subjects a lot of people universally feel as something they have the right to tell you any of their opinions about IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT ANY SOLICITATION of said opinion whatsoever. People, from random strangers in stores to good friends, have opined profusely not only on what WE can expect from OUR child, but also what we should do, how many children we should have, why we should have whatever number they’ve put forth as optimum, and my personal favorite, how they’re absolutely sure, we’re going to have MORE than whatever number it is I’ve stated that I wish to have. It’s been a trip. There’s definitely a part of my brain that’s like, “Do you know who the fuck I am? Have you NOT been watching the way I live my life for the past thirty some odd years? “Against the Grain” might as well be tattooed onto my forehead! But NO, oh no… not when it comes to pregnancy.. in THAT department, everybody BUT my family in the making is an expert.. because they’ve had kids, or they DON’T have kids but they’ve had enough conversations ABOUT having kids that their opinion should be taken at the least as…gospel.


Like Grace, only.. not.

Soooooo, I WAS going to wait until we’d actually birthed our child and found it to be healthy and whole and wonderufl and THEN I was gonna start injecting the cybersphere with all kinds of visceral responses to some of what I experienced during this journey. BUt, I’ve decided I’m NOT gonna wait, and instead, will start delivering these bad boys one at a time til I’ve got no more to say on the subject [which will probably be a long, long time]. Therefore, welcome to Parental Piece/Rant 1.0… an introduction..

more to follow