This was during a moment when I was FEELIN it.. and I liked it so much, I’m gonna put it in here..



SEVEN days in a week, SIX signed comix left for the purchasin; FIVE days left til I embark on somethin crazy that I’ma need your help with; FOUR degrees is what it feels like it is outside in Ashland right now; THREE parts to the catholic trinity that somehow managed to erase the mother from the equation completely; TWO days out of every week that the vast majority of working people look forward to like the rest of their week isn’t worth making something dope enough to want to look forward to: ONE new day available to you every time you fuggn wake up to make somethin incredible/beautiful/amazing/just different happen to/for yourself and DAMMIT,

if you can find the time [and audacity] to EVER be bored..

I don’t want to hear it when you tell me you don’t have enough time to go after your dreams..
[end rant]