This one would be a Rant/ Public Service Announcement [actually written 10.17.12]:

I do not have a genetic predilection for alcoholism, I do not suffer from hormonal imbalance, i am incapable of having a miscarriage.. but there are those who right now, are going through lives living with all of those things and a million times more.

If you are one of those people, i wish you luck navigating the road your spirit has chosen for you this round. it looks incredibly difficult from out here, but perhaps you have been specially equipped to handle things I have no conception of how to handle..

for those who have NONE of those issues,

YO! EMBRACE the SHEEOT outta your LIFE man!

Listen for the sound of wonderful things that happen in YOUR DAILY.. PAY ATTENTION to the reasons you even have the CAPACITY to bitch about ANYthing. Look at your life as a canvas you have yet to paint a masterpiece with.. it’s wiiide open, whether you believe it to be or no. You may think yourself scarred, by some previous hurt, you may think yourself broken, by some unhealed wound, but DAMMIT ANYTHING that happened in your past ALREADY HAPPENED! you can do NOTHING about what has passed, and EVERYTHING about how you choose to go through your days RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW.

For those of you blessed enough to be able to make a fucking decision without the aide of medication BE AWARE OF YOUR BLESSINGS.. cuz it’s fuckin ROUGH for those who have to navigate that shit.. they are the reason I choose to burn so brightly, they are the inspiration for my fire, my flames, my passion, my will, my spirit, my will, my being, my WILL to do this thing called Life in a way that nobody can ever ask “is he living his life to the fullest?”

I will always be
a motherfucking HELL YES.