[Original Uncovered] COURT OF THE DIVERSE MERMAIDS: A Body-Positive, Multi-Ethnic All-Ages Coloring Book {signed copy}


**This option is for signed copies. Although I am MORE than happy to fulfill orders on unsigned books as well, if you’d like an unsigned copy a lot sooner, you’re welcome to purchase copies from Amazon HERE or scroll down for the link to the digital/pdf printable version. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest in my work and this project!! I couldn’t do this without YOU [yes, YOU]..

A personally signed and dedicated copy of the delightful coloring book full of 30+ thoroughly original mermaids. A wonderful de-stressing tool for accessing your creativity while simultaneously celebrating the diverse range of body types, weights, hairstyles, ages and ethnicities on display herein. An excellent gift for the mermaid aficionado as well as the person who’s always wanted to see alternative examples of mermaids.

**Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for shipping

**Disclaimer: A great many of the mermaids depicted in this book have openly displayed nipples/breasts and pubic hair. [How would a mermaid have pubic hair, you ask? I say purchase this book and find out]. If this presents a challenge for you, I recommend purchasing the COVERED VERSION