REMOVING THE MASK is a self-contained course created by Empowerment Coach and Inspiration Engine Micah BlackLight, designed to help you get in touch, or back in touch, with the most self-expressed version of YOU. It operates from the premise that we routinely deny ourselves and the world our greatness because of all kinds of fear. In this course Micah BlackLight walks you through several incredibly simple, yet profoundly piercing exercises and questions that not only get to the root of who you are, but who you truly wish to be.

This is the physical version of the “lessoning” [as opposed to the downloadable version], so you get the opportunity to experience the journey in a more tactile, visceral, and aesthetically pleasing way.



As mentioned above, this is the physical iteration of the “lessoning” [as opposed to the downloadable version], so you get the opportunity to experience the journey in a more tactile and visceral way. It has been printed onto gorgeous 6″ x 9″, heavy weight, unbound pages and designed to look like a gloriously ancient, weathered text. The back of each card-like page, full of visual texture combined with perceptive questioning evoking shades of tarot, contains the piece of art corresponding to the section it belongs to, and the entire course comes safely ensconced in it’s own case.

One can think of it as a powerful self-empowerment lessoning, as visually and aesthetically pleasing as it is potent, encompassed in an unbound book designed specifically so that you can take pages you find particularly meaningful or resonant and put them up on your wall or your altar, carry them with you when you’re out and about, or look upon when you need tangible reminders of the beautiful self-work you are engaged in. Full of poetry and thought-provoking questions surrounded by olden textures and rich colors, it also makes for a WONDERFUL gift!

[**This course is divided into four major sections. Time necessary for completion will vary from person to person. It was designed so that one can theoretically get through the entire course in a day or two, but the questions are profound, and every individual will have a different experience. The complete course is in PDF format and can be viewed entirely on your device or printed out for greater convenience.**]
**ADDITIONAL NOTE: Due to any number of reasons, sometimes a server will block your confirmation email and download link from getting to your inbox. Please contact me immediately if you have not received a confirmation email and download link within one day of your payment going through. Thank you, and enjoy traveling within yourSelf.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in