REMOVING THE MASK is a self-contained course created by Empowerment Coach and Inspiration Engine Micah BlackLight, designed to help you get in touch, or back in touch, with the most self-expressed version of YOU.
It operates from the premise that we routinely deny ourselves and the world of our greatness because of all kinds of fear.
In this course, Micah BlackLight walks you through some incredibly simple, yet profoundly piercing exercises and questions that not only get to the root of who you are, but who you truly wish to be.
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We divvy out portions of ourselves, hoard the most sacred parts, dole those bits out only to the ones we deem worthy: the ones who make it through the trials, swim or jump our moats, get past the guard dragons at the front gates. Scale our walls. These trials: the walls, the moats, the facades, and the trapdoors- all were designed to keep those who would harm us out.
But so many of us never realize we’re keeping ourselves IN.

Thus essentially begins the first part of a course specifically designed to walk you from the realization of all that you’ve been holding back, locked away from yourself and the world, to the point where you come full circle and leave awakened, enlivened, and equipped to go out and live the truest version of yourself that you are willing to take on.

[**This course is divided into four major sections. Time necessary for completion will vary from person to person. It was designed so that one can theoretically get through the entire course in a single day, but the questions are profound, and every individual will have a different experience. The complete course is in PDF format and can be viewed entirely on your device or printed out for greater convenience.**]

**ADDITIONAL NOTE: Due to any number of reasons, sometimes a server will block your confirmation email and download link from getting to your inbox. Please contact me immediately if you have not received a confirmation email and download link within one day of your payment going through. Thank you, and enjoy traveling within yourSelf.