My program is entirely intuition-based.
Some people feel stuck, others feel like they’re on the edge of a precipice but can’t seem to create 
the necessary motivation, or move beyond that final hurdle to step off of it. Every person is different, and so the things they need me to bring to the table differ as well. 

Regardless, everything begins with, and revolves around, the phone sessions. Hour long sessions allow us to get to the roots of the particular issue you’ve chosen to address. More often than not, you will find that those roots have bled into other areas of your life and how you show up: slowing you down, eroding your self-confidence, even paralyzing you. I work with you to identify these places, address them, and then employ various mental and physical tools to insure you are the most equipped to make the transformations and epiphanies sustainable long after you’ve stopped working with me.

Homework between calls gives you the opportunity to continue working on and integrating whatever’s shown up during our sessions, as well as practice in applying the tools we’ve specifically created and tailored to your unique situation. Follow up emails give me the opportunity to assess what kind of interaction will probably be most helpful during our next session. That is a nutshell version of my program and approach. 

I will acknowledge that depending on the reasons you choose to work with me, more time with you can sometimes result in a deeper and richer experience. But I work with the amount of time I am given, and my goal is always, first and foremost, your emotional, mental and psychological safety and well-being. Always.

Direct empowerment, external accountability partner, optimism/inspiration injections
Simply put, we pick a section [or two] of your life that you’d like to shift or see serious transformation in—I light a sizeable fire beneath those parts, and we MOOOOVE.

Self-confidence, self-image, self-love, self-reliance… aiding in the embracing of self
I am a professional builder and holder of energetic containers wherein people feel safe enough to be 
completely vulnerable, and in so doing, completely themselves. By listening intently, and offering feedback with as little judgement as possible, I enable people to feel seen, heard, and empowered.

Holding space/intuitive listening, safe space creation
I am also very good at simply creating and holding a safe space in which you can spill. I have found that sometimes, just having a safe space to vent and speak aloud what one is 
holding, can be a very cathartic, transformative experience. That experience is something I am equipped to provide.


**I have the packages in a two price points system: It is an honor system. Please choose whichever price point you can manage based upon your means. Your stretch enables me to make this work more accessible to a wider audience. Thank you so much for choosing to work with me.

-the single session[s].. no committment for anything further,  just 1 hour phone sessions complete unto themselves. Ideally recommended for those who would like a quick bump as they don’t consider themselves in crisis, but could use a little outside perspective.

1 month.. 4 one hour sessions at 1 per week. The second most requested package as it provides four calls over a period of one month and allows for a reasonably deep dive into the roots of an issue as well as several weeks of practice integrating what we’ve learned in the sessions into your life.


1 month..8 one hour sessions at 2 per week..


2 months.. 8 one hour sessions at 1 per week. The most commonly requested package because it provides 8 calls over a period of two months. This usually allows for a seriously deep dive into the roots of one or more of the most concerning issues or states of being currently up for the client. We can move from addressing the issues into the tailored tools and coping skills within a more relaxed time-frame, which provides the potential for more thorough integration in the long run.


The Triptych: 3 months..12 sessions total.. 4 per month…


[*available only to those who’ve signed up for any of the above packages]
*Optional additional half-hour sessions: $60
**Mediated Calls [between you and one other person- a partner, a parent, relative, etc.]: $120 for a single hr

Interested? Curious? Tempted?

If you happen to find yourself here and you’re pretty sure you wish to move forward but you’ve got a few questions or would like some clarification before doing so, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love the opportunity to clear up any mysteries or lingering doubts you may have. Feel free to write me HERE, or…


I am committed to inspiring.
I live it, I love it, I AM it! And when you commission me to aid YOU in feeling empowered and BEING inspired, it is my absolute honor and privilege to be one of the tools you employ to help you feel and be just that. Every client is different, so my approach will always vary, but I like to think of my clients as artists, creating masterpieces out of the clay of their lives..

(I like to see you make beautiful art:)