Regarding the One on One Sessions:

“Working with Micah had a profound impact on me. In just 4 sessions he methodically guided me to where I needed in order to break through old limiting beliefs that were paralyzing me. I was indeed on the precipice, and he was in fact the catalyst to creating an internal shift that cannot be described in words.

He is incredibly authentic and has a genuine concern for my well being and the evolution of my soul. He truly invests himself in the process and is kind and loving yet challenging when appropriate. Of course there are layers upon layers to sort through in this crazy human experience so, the work is ongoing, but I am just so grateful to have Micah in my arsenal of tools!

If you want to live your life hovering at the surface in a stagnant small existence, don’t work with Micah. However, if you want to dive deep with tenacity and clear any obstacles to living in your power, then Micah is your man! He is highly skilled and a beacon of inspiration to living in fierce fullness!

Micah will go down in the history of my life as one of the greatest personal influences.

“What drew me to Micah is his authenticity and inspiration. In a moment when I needed extra courage to start a new chapter, I called him. Throughout our session, I kept thinking how he is young and old, playful and wise. He asked probing questions without being intrusive. With rapidity and focus, Micah helped me to see that closing the gap between who I am and who I show to the world is enough of a starting place. He gave me permission to own my unique talents and persona, and he prompted me to speak my truth in my language. Micah is a soulful, artist-teacher who encourages others to trust themselves and shine boldly. ”

“I have known of Blacklight for a while through my sister. I would read his posts on Facebook and ALWAYS be so inspired by them. I appreciated everything he would share with the world on inspired living.
He also worked with my sister as a coach/counselor. My sister would share about how helpful he was in her life. Sharing tid bits of advice he would offer to her. Then I started looking for some help in my life, and realized that Blacklight would be a great match.

Blacklight and I have been working together for about a year and a half. It has been life changing. When we started working together I swore I could not be an organized scheduled person. Now I live by planning my week, staying on track, and completing goals. Blacklight holds me accountable to my commitments, while inspiring and motivating to conquer the next frontiers of my dreams, and in my relationships.

Blacklight is helpful on a practical, how to organize your life front. But he is also a great ear for emotional /relationship work. He can set you up on finding your affirmations, working on those affirmations, working on how to properly communicate with your partner, definitely has some parenting advice to share, and is an all around ball of fiery inspiration to my life!!!

Everytime I get off the phone with him. If I feel like. “Ok, I can rock this life thing!!”
Thank you Blacklight for choosing to be an inspiration to many, and more specifically thank you for helping me, motivating me, encouraging me, and listening listening and listening to me.”

“…after talking to you .. and reflecting, I was so much more there than I thought.
My f!cking mind was just getting in the way..”

“..Your empowerment coaching came around at the precise time I needed it. I was faced with a lot more free mental space because I wasn’t giving my work all of my mental power anymore.
I didn’t realize it when we started, but I needed a guide to help me navigate all that new territory. Of course I had my goals for our sessions, but ultimately I know now they were a byproduct of the bigger picture- not knowing what my purpose was. I felt vulnerable at first because I thought I had been on the path to my purpose for the last two years at my job, but when I was fired I realized I had taken a pit stop and never got moving again. (I never mentioned this specifically at the time because I was focused on my goals for the sessions) .
Your empowerment gave my journey both a focus and a goal. With a task for me to complete (aka homework), I spent less and less time trying to figure out my purpose. I moved in the direction that each step lead me, never thinking too far ahead or trying to plan this journey we found ourselves on together. Just taking one foot and putting it in front of the other with no idea where I was heading.
The amazing things I felt, experienced, and learned about myself, by focusing on each foot as it passed through it’s motion as it took me forward a little more, can never be fully explained to anyone well enough for them to truly understand what has happened to me (you might be the only one). But as you said yesterday, I don’t need to say it-just be it.
Through your empowerment coaching, my purpose has found me.
I read a cool quote recently and it kind of fits: “you do not have a soul. you are a soul. you have a body.”
I believe my soul has known its purpose and has been waiting patiently for me to be ready to let my body receive it. As soon as I let go of my attachment to my body (i.e. its insecurities, fear, and doubt), my purpose was revealed as having been there all along.
You have TRULY empowered me to run full speed in the direction of my purpose free of insecurities, fear and doubt.
And in those rare, two in a million moments when I question myself and my purpose- I have received confirmation from outside sources that I am indeed in my right place. Which has given me a boost so that the next time I’ve wondered, it lasts even less time than it did previously. I look forward to the day that those moments don’t exist at all. And again I have you to thank for that.”

“..There is something much greater upon this horizon that I never could have anticipated when we began speaking….  Thank You for supporting me within gathering the tools necessary to prepare me for this journey <3..”


“..You have given me many gifts and blessings along the way.
One of them is the space where direct intention can be spoken, but somehow always allow and intend for positive action/intention.      Thank you for shining a light on this path between sincerity and belief.
Thank you for your beliefs. For your word. For your words.
Thank you for your special kind of Light.      Micahlight. Blacklight. Sharplight. Lovelight.
I deeply appreciate your HEART and your WILL…”


“..I will again and again exclaim my eternal “Thank Youuuuuuu Micaaaaah” for teaching me to be to celebrate my whole and complete Me 🙂 my wild abandon uninhibited shining beaming shadow and aaaall me :)))).
Thank you thank you thank you”

“– INEFFABLE! That is the word… BECAUSE if I did have a recording , I would make a life size paper doll “MicahBlackLight”, carry Him along with an amp and a mic to Grand Central and play it and give your contact info to every person I could reach. I want to promote you! and I vow that I I will be graduate that you can count on when you are interviewed by Oprah or Diane Sawyer or/and ….to use as an example of “before” and “after” shots bwahaaaaaa!! The Micah Make-over Show!! May I be your tap dancing telegram girl that ratatat-taps with a beaming admiration  in front of the curtain before your monologue? Truly, I want to go gorilla and start tagging your web address and your quotes all around this land.. In the mean time I am sharing with my peoples and encouraging anyone that is sincerely ready to kick their own booty into high gear, to connect with extraoooorrrrdinarrryyyyy YOU!

“As I was shuffling my feet along the hall to my doorway and lifted the key(still marveling over the lit up piece of wonderment that is the octa wonder ball other wise known as ” Buckey Ball) I touch the brass to the lock and what do I see, but a blue spark! Static electricity conducted through my body making it’s way through this conduit and visible ignition! A revelatory moment. We generate this energy and it is visible, and this energy is a parable of our potential. If any of you lovely peoples out there in this land- this electric community- are pondering a latent desire, grandness to which you aspire-yet ye doubt, disqualify-reference your past and think ” But who am I to defy convention, but who am I to rock and shock–break molds already in place?” I suggest you take a little sojourn here: i-am-catalyst.com
.. peruse the musings of this man whom I consider to be the embodiment of “WOW”. The example of our GRAND potentiality. He IS a BLAZIN- flame–a living breathing model of creation unbound. He is Micah..BlackLight..”


On the Work in General:

“..I have thought about this email so many times since reading it! About being authentically ME and WITHOUT fear. I know how fear can overtake us into doubting ourselves which happened to me after my recent college graduation. I didn’t even realize all the opportunities I passed up because of fear of my future potential. But I am getting out of that and moving forward. You have helped me with that! Thank you!”

“Micah BlackLight always seems to hit the nail on the head. I wish everyone could take a page from his book whenever they needed something uplifting or inspirational, or just plain well-thought…”

“It is what is Inside that is Precious and Beautiful ‘and’ Strong! Have the Courage to Let It Show! Thank you Micah BlackLight for the Uplift and the Wise Reflections! *~ ~*”

“Micah, I am so very grateful to you, for your heartfelt words and inspiration, for speaking your truth and sharing your perspectives on life, love and the beauty of and in our world. You bless me so much. I love you.”

“Thank you for your up lifting energy, your clarity, your courage, your sense of humor, your way with words. You inspire me often. You remind me that my second guessing is actually fear sneaking in the back door. You remind me to not only dream but to dream big. You remind me to be brave. I am grateful beyond words for the people in my life who nudge me so. You are awesome. Keep on doing whatcha do. I read all the way to the end every time.”

“Thank you thank you for using your words to encourage, serve, share, incite riot and fucking light a fire under our asses when we need it. Thank you for being such a bright and shining (black)light and calling it like it is and calling in how you want it to me. Keep blazing!! We add our flames to yours and burn with you!!!”

“Your words are a phenomenon. Your wisdom leaves me humbled and shining in equal measure. Hell. Yes!”

-“Your posts are always full of insight, honesty, and experience – they reflect the true you in a way that can educate and support and empower others as well as making the world a better place. and that’s just on FACEBOOK. Shit’s not even real…”