I cannot remember the last time I felt so hopelessly unequipped to adequately express the enormity of that which is running through me in this moment..

Every now and again, and I must admit that with me it’s more often than not, I see or experience something that reaffirms my faith in humanity.. that lifts me up sooooo high, I feel immensely inadequate to articulate the wealth of emotion absolutely roiling within me. Like being spellbound on a dancefloor, locked in place and rocking with my arms wrapped round myself because I feel my movements inadequate to the task of emoting the way I feel I should in order to pay homage to what the music makes me WANT to do in those moments. Flesh and bone, hair and cloth and muscle and motion all woven into the most beautiful of tapestries.. the most fundamentally gorgeous, soul wrenchingly beautiful experiences can be found in a myriad of places, created in a myriad of different mediums, and none will touch one in exactly the same way as any of the others.. But of them all, those crafted through the medium of movement, of dance, the motioning  and rhythmic positioning of the human body..these works never cease to have an absolutely astonishing affect on my being..

I find it impossible to convey the truth of the way I feel in moments like these, and yet I will never cease in my efforts to attempt it. Perhaps one of these days, my metaphors and similes, my alliterations and analogies will actually succeed in raveling from the ethers the perfect transcription.

there are those who wish to move people, to take them out of their insular spaces and hurl them bodily into the realm of pure feeling. Ironic that flesh can be used as the most efficient tool at propelling one beyond their flesh. There are artists who make their art to evoke feeling, and there are some who manage to speak directly to the soul.

this is beautiful in a way that almost makes no sense to me; it is wonderful and seems to speak in a thousand languages at once; it makes me want to weep.. and laugh, and cry out and scream aloud.. to shout an ode to love and passion and movement and mystery, synchronicity and serendipity.. I have witnessed the soul of a dream given form and made flesh.

Because beauty has no patent, because our spirits recognize passion no matter what form it takes, because the human body will always be our first and last tool, because we were given this experience to EXPERIENCE.. because life is more than heartbeats; because sex is more than the sum of a single session, because sensual is meant to be swum through and absorbed, oozed out of and slathered over us; because language is more than speech; because touch is catalytic and alchemical; because when we are close enough, we DO become one another; because there is really no separation; because our separateness is a game created to tantalize; because I will never, ever, stop believing; because hope